Examination of the Hand

The first and most important step is a thorough clinical examination of the hand requiring both extensive knowledge and years of indepth experience. In many cases, we are able to provide a clear diagnosis during the initial examination. Should further examinations be necessary, we are able to carry out X-ray and ultrasound scans in our office.

Foto von einer klinischen Untersuchung einer Hand im Handzentrum Köln. Leistungen des Handzentrum Köln
Ein Tapeverband wird von einem Handchirurgen um einen Finger gewickelt

Conservative Treatment

In many cases, conservative (i.e. non-surgical) treatment can help to relieve pain and solve your hand problem. Based on our long experience, we are able to advise you in which cases surgery can be avoided and your ailments can be treated e.g. with physical therapy or occupational/hand therapy.


Surgery of the hand requires thorough anatomical knowledge. Due to the close proximity of bones, tendons, nerves and blood vessels, very careful and precise operating is required. Given the small size of the structures, all operations are performed with magnifying glasses or under a microscope.

Mr. Altmann, MD, and Dr. v. Maydell, MD, have both been specialized hand experts for many years. They offer you their skills with vast surgical experience in the entire field of hand surgery. Surgery is performed using either local, regional or general anesthesia in the office’s OR or in the PAN Klinik.

Ein Handchirug bei der operativen Behandlung einer Hand.

WALANT Surgery

By using local anaesthetic with adrenaline, the local bleeding can be reduced and an experienced surgeon can now operate without the unpleasant pain on your upper arm. Thus the operation is less unpleasant and patients can be awake during surgery. Side effects of general anaesthesia are eliminated, patients no longer have to refrain from eating and drinking in advance of surgery and also can continue to take their usual medication. WALANT Surgery is not only cost-efficient, it also offers advantages for the surgeon who can operate without time pressure and in many cases check the desired success immediately during the operation.

Congenital Anomalies/ Pediatric Hand Surgery

Dr. von Maydell’s broad scope of treatments include those of congenital hand deformities and hand injuries in children. If a child is born with fingers grown together, additional or missing fingers, parents can be, naturally, very worried.

We offer you a detailed consultation regarding the treatment options available and we will give advice whether surgery is recommended and/or necessary.

Foto einer Kinderhand. Das Handzentrum Köln ist spezialisiert auf die Behandlung von Kindern und kindlichen Fehlbildungen.
Eine Handgelenksspiegelung bzw. Arthroskopie ermöglicht eine exakte Diagnose bei Handgelenksproblemen.

Arthroscopy of the Wrist

Many wrist problems can be diagnosed – and in many cases also be treated – by arthroscopy. This minimally invasive surgery is convenient for you and is performed on an outpatient basis.

Wrist and Carpal Surgery

The interaction of the two forearm bones with the eight carpal bones is extremely complex. In one of the most complicated joints of the human body, there are still some biomechanical challenges that have yet to be fully solved. In the case of joint disorders caused by overuse, disease, wear and tear or as a result of injuries, arthroscopical treatment can often provide relief of pain and in many cases restore full function.

Rüntgenbild einer Handwuzel - Handgelenkschirurgie und Handwurzelchirurgie im   Handzentrum Köln
Foto eines Fußes vor und nach der Behandlung durch Dr. Altmann - Fußchirurg beim Handzentrum Köln

Foot Surgery

Mr. Altmann, MD, offers an array of many medical procedures including also Foot Surgery.
His experience of many years helps you – for relief of pain and discomfort you feel in every step you take.